Boxen node

Bushes cars designed to transfer loads from the bogie frame in the neck axis, and the limitations of the longitudinal and transverse displacements of wheelsets when driving the car. Simultaneously, the upper parts are used to accommodate the axial oil, supply of oil under the bearing. Besides housing Bushings protects the neck axis, the bearing and lubricant contamination and precipitation.

According to the type of bearings used distinguish axle box bearings and roller bearings (with bearings).

Housing Bushings with plain bearings is a steel machined casting, in front of which there is a rectangular hole, cover with lid and serves for setting the bearing axle-box liner, tamping material fills the axial oil, monitor their status and check cervical wheel pair.

On the back of the axle box housing has a double wall with an oval hole, which houses the dust (O) washer. Opening is oval, to the extent of wear bearing bush was able to fall without hurting podstupichnuyu part of the axis. Outside on the side walls of the upper parts are molded together with her guide slots for axlebox jaws, and on top - a reference place for the side frame truck. In the bottom of the upper parts with a thickened outer reversal has grooved area intended for jacking at podemke upper part. Available in the side wall ribs attach Buks increased strength and at the same time with the cast on the bottom two pins 20 mm hold Polster of bias.

Polsterno-tamper Bushings can refuel as Polster and tamping rollers which supply oil under axial bearing.

Axle box housing with roller bearings are cast from steel, then machined. Upper parts are placed inside two roller bearings and a device to strengthen their neck wheel pair. Bearing operation is ensured by rolling rollers on raceways exterior and interior rings. The rollers do not run against each other, they are placed in the nests of the separator. Bearing rings reinforce: domestic fixed on the neck axis, outside the housing upper part. For attaching to the neck axis is used two ways: shrink fit and a stub. Mechanical fastening of the bearing on the longitudinal displacement can be made with hot planting nut or washer and bush - nut.

With hot landing diameter inner ring cylindrical roller bearings must be less than the diameter of the neck axis. But when heated or induction units in an oil bath electrically heated to a temperature of 100-120 degrees diameter increases, and the rings are placed on the neck of free axis. After cooling the bearing diameter is reduced, thereby provides the necessary density planting. Before setting rings in hot conditions on the axis of the neck all the way to the end of the predpodstupichnoy put labyrinth ring.

Then the housing axle box manually insert sequential blocks (outer ring with rollers) front and rear bearings and upper part of the Gathering on the inner ring located at the neck line. After that, the neck worn front bearing snap ring and mount mechanical fastening.

Assembly axle unit with roller bearings complete filling about one third of space front axle box grease LZ-CRI and the setting and fixing the observation covers.

With sleeve bearings landing on the neck axis fixed with split tapered bushings that are using special presses are inserted between the neck axis and the inner ring of the bearing. When landing on the neck of the sleeve axis mounted spherical one (rear) and a cylinder (front) and two spherical bearings. Bushes with roller bearings on a hot and bush plantings occur as a passenger and a freight car.

Recently, however, to mass produce cars equipment roller bearings for hot landing as a boxen node has smaller size and weight, 5 times fewer process steps during assembly and disassembly of boxwood, several times lower than the cost of manufacturing of bearings.

On roller bearings completely translated fleet of passenger cars and about half of the cargo. Planned to promote a complete replacement roller bearings, because a number of advantages:

drastically reduces the number of cars on the friction uncoupling boxwood;

reduced lubricant consumption (roller bearings operate without regreasing a long time;

does not require relatively expensive podbivochnyx consumption of materials;

decreases resistance to the train, especially when pulling away, which helps reduce fuel consumption and power engines;

extends the life of car axles, as their necks are virtually wear and tear;

reduced consumption of bronze bearings for reinforcement, and completely stop consumption of expensive babbit.