Change of faulty parts and components automatic coupling device

In all cases where the details of automatic coupling devices and components found unacceptable deterioration, cracks, damage, and the causes that can lead to samorastsepu pulling faces, such parts must be promptly replaced, and the reasons samorastsepov eliminated. Depending on the size and complexity of the work could be done after the cutaway car of the train, or in the composition.

Typically, car replacement parts detach automatic coupling device. Parts replacement mechanism coupler, coupler itself, centering devices and rastsepnogo drive is in a train.

To change the coupler on the train to uncouple cars and spread them over a distance of less than 10 m It should be remembered that, to avoid false tripping refrigerator cars in the sections in their set top coupler locking bolt that after screwing 2-3 mm above high-side fuse and keeps it from rising above the counterweight. When coupling and uncoupling of automatic coupling locking bolts should be extended. Further work is being done in that order. One mechanic, previously knocking pins of the bolts that support the traction wedge clamp, unscrew the nuts, remove the bolts and take out the wedge and the second mechanic at the time the circuit disconnects rastsepnogo arm of the lift shaft, then use the jib crane repair machines or devices they remove coupler . Coupler shank again delivered with a wedge clamp is connected to the traction and chain rastsepnogo lever - with a roller lift. In order to prevent inadvertent turning away nuts, bolts supporting wedge traction clamp mount wedge should be the model: under the bolt heads to put locking washers, which can then be folded at both ends of the bolts to put locking bolt, screw the nut and pass them through a wire length of 100 mm. The ends of the wire should also bend. To check the length of the chain rastsepnogo coupler lever is set in the center position, and the lever is turned rastsepnogo drive and put on a shelf bracket. The chain length is considered normal if the lock will be fully depressed and does not project beyond the walls of the pharynx of a shock. If the full flush lever lock put on bookshelf can not, therefore, a short circuit. Chain length is controlled by the bolt that connects the chain rastsepnym lever. If the length of the thread on the bolt is insufficient, increase or decrease the length of the chain is achieved by changing the number of its units.

For convenience and ease change pendulum suspension and centering cross members coupler using different devices. When changing parts centering device shrink brace factory under coupler and curved ends hang on impact socket. Rotating the screw, lift and release coupler thereby tilting and centering ravine on the load, easily remove these parts and replace them. As the hoist in a coupling bracket, instead of the screw and nut can be used a hydraulic jack. It allows you to change the tilting and centering ravine in trains not only with the free position coupler, but also when they are compressed or stretched.

If necessary, the replacement of one of the parts of the mechanism coupler (except roller lift) cars should be diluted, and discuss the mechanism. For this mechanic should bend the washer, unscrew the nut and remove the bolt roll podemiika, and then he and the lift shaft with a safety lock, remove the thorn zamkoderzhatel bend and lift. Coupler assembly mechanism in the reverse order. It should be remembered that the lift is installed wide finger up, and locking hung on his spine fuse can be set to automatic coupler pocket, only slightly raising the upper arm guard so as to place it above the shelf.

Put the missing or replace the faulty roller lift can be linked and pulling faces. However, due to the fact that the extract prevents large roller podmnika tooth adjacent coupler, this operation is carried out at rastsepnom position FAILURE coupler. After the change of the lift shaft coupling is restored by pressing a foot shank zamkoderzhatelya any object (hammer handle, metal or wooden rod, etc.) available for this purpose through the bottom of the coupler special hole.

To change the traction clamp-absorbing device or an end plate, you must first remove the coupler. After that, both fitter and rasshplintovyvayut wrench nut bolt support plates absorbing devices (except one on each side bracket), drove a car, truck lift, draw in the bar and turns the remaining nuts. If the draft gear to the stop plate is thrust in between stops, clamp it lightly squeeze or press. Then traction collar with draft gear and thrust plate is lowered and replaced or that the defective part. Setting traction clamp with draft gear and hard slab perform reverse order from their car. For convenience, complete this hard work is usually pre-absorbing device to compress the press and under the nut retaining bolts enclose the metal lining thickness of 10-15 mm. Form lining provides free her falling out with the first compression unit load moving train. To change a six-axle traction clamp car with a cart-type UVZ І0M pre triangeli should be removed from the outer wheel set with thrust rods.