Changing Parts the axle unit

In modern conditions bush is replaced by a self-propelled machine or repair the jack lifting capacity of 25 tons by first locksmiths recovered from faulty axle box tamping material and axial oil and then the hydraulic lift self-propelled machine or jack installed podshkvornevuyu beam car. Razobschitelny blocking valve and releasing the compressed air from the brake equipment, turn off the brake and podklinivayut wheel sets, then, using the clamp, at the same time raise the car and the end of the side frame truck before the truck frame rails of the grooves upper part. Next, arching bush and bearing, remove parts with neck axis, examine the state of the bearing insert and neck axis and then put on a serviceable upper part and put in place an axial oil lubricated bearing and bushing, lower the car, the brakes, opening razobschitelny faucet, remove the wedges , lifting equipment and accessories is filled upper part tamping and lubricants.

Revealed to TVE faulty dust washers that do not provide axial retention of oil are not replaced. In this case, from the housing Polster removed, replace it with tamping rollers and installed at the rear axle box half neck axis sealing harness.

For removal and placement of box covers using various devices. It consists of a handle, the eccentric axle, bearings, washers, pins, pins, two leashes, a bracket with flange and shaft. The adaptation is put on the lid of box to the stop bracket with the tab in the upper part. When you turn the crank over at a 90 degree angle with her turning axle with pins. In this case, the bar, which stretch leashes, his lip presses the spring of box cover and release the roller. Sometimes the cover of box, though serviceable, but somewhat skewed or loosely fitted to the mirror upper part. Eliminate this defect can be achieved by bending roller to 1-2.5 mm (depending on the gap), for which it is removed and a hammer to bend. Changing the bearings is one of the most common operations in the repair of the train. This work is done by two fitters, using as a means of lifting hydraulic lift self-propelled machinery or repair a hydraulic jack lifting capacity of 15-20 tons after disconnecting razobschitelnogo tap and release of compressed air from the brake equipment brake off. Podklinivayut wheelsets car and tamping material removed from the housing. Next, set the jack under the axle box at the bottom of a special pad to be placed on the end of the ties, and raise the upper part. It shall be made special arrangements that secure wheel sets on the spot. Upper part is raised to the release liner, and then insert and bearing with a hook is removed from the housing. Checking the condition of the liner and the neck axis, locksmiths pick a new bearing, grease it with oil and set the axial bearing and the bearing on the neck. Lowering the upper parts is in reverse its podemki.

Normal operation of axle unit depends on the correct bore and putting on a neck bearing axis. Bore bearings should be performed on the machine. Front and rear fillet also treated at the boring machine shaped cutters radius of 3 and 20 mm. Clean the surface of the waste of babbit no lower than fifth grade roughness (GOST 2789-73). To better the bearing oil supply along the each side of the machine babbit layer Globe cutter make refrigerators in width from 12 to 15 mm bevelled edge at a depth of 2-3 mm. The transition from the working surface of the refrigerator babbit layer slightly dull scraper.

On the front end of babbit pouring knock the last two digits of the diameter of the bearing.

On each shelf forklift bearings should be of any diameter. Racks for bearings should only be closed. In order to prevent mechanical damage babbit layer (nicks, dents, etc.) transportation bearings should be made in special cassettes.

For proper selection of bearing locksmith must, using a template or a caliper and a metal ruler to measure the diameter of the neck axis. Bearing is selected so that its diameter was larger than the diameter of cervical axis of 1-2 mm, and the run (ie the free movement along the neck in the range of 6 to 12 mm. It is recommended that the newly installed bearing was on the run 1 mm larger than that of the bearing axle boxes standing in another of the same wheelset. If I have both bearing the same wheelset, their size should be the same.

In setting up the new bearing locksmiths useful to check tightness of his neck to the axis for this axle grease it lightly with oil, put on her bearing and, holding both hands, gently shake it. Prints of grease on the surface of babbit layer should be at about 80-85% of its area. With this result, the bearing is matched correctly and this is a guarantee reliable operation.

Replacement of a defective liner performed in the same order as the bearing. In this case, from the housing required in addition to the liner, remove the bearing, carefully inspect it and the neck axis.

Defective parts axle box with roller bearings replaced only at the depot or in factories.