Failure of springs and spring

In the operation is necessary to monitor the compliance of spring group type and capacity of the car. Are not allowed in the same car different types of spring kits.

Strikes car frame of sus by settling of the springs and the springs are very rare and occur only in refrigerator cars with a metal body, as the gap between the body and the pivot beam side frames their little carts and as a result, at large drawdown spring group said strikes may have occurred.

In addition to sagging springs and springs to be replaced as elliptic leaf springs with clamp break, fracture or shear sheet crack indigenous sheet and tips elliptic leaf springs with breaks or cracks.

In spring kit trolley CRI-XZ-0 break allowed one inner spring from those relied upon by the bolster, and in other carts - no more than one every spring. In the event of a shift or tilt springs in spring group such a failure are excluded.

In detail, spring suspension coaches cracks and breaks, as well as mechanical wear in excess of the dimensions are not allowed.

Replacement of defective springs in trucks CRI-XZ-0 and triaxial is similar replacement shock absorbers using the same tools and lifting devices. Changing technology and elliptic springs in spring bogie MT-50 and UVZ and applied to this device for podemki bolster the same as for trucks CRI-X3-0.

Replace spring suspension bogies central KHP-5, LSC-CRI is usually performed by two fitters for this purpose under the body of the wagon is supplied elektrodomkraty. Removing the cotter pins and removing the nuts and bolts of safety M10 bolts, remove safety screws central suspension. Podklinivayut wheelsets truck at the other end of the car. Not removing the pin, car lift elektrodomkratami one end together with a cart to a height of 150-200 mm, pallet by faulty spring enclose reinforced beams or other device. Car and truck lowered. Freed from the burden earrings, pendants connecting rollers with rollers tray removed.

Car with a cart to pick up again the spring is a central suspension. Replace the defective spring after appropriate collection intact, depending on the packaging of the car and having the boiler in strict accordance with the technical documentation for this type of trolley cars. Then lower the car and truck, establish a central hanging earrings. Again wagon with lift truck to remove the liner from the pan and drop.

Replacement technology springs ends setting and fixing safety bolt central suspension. It is necessary to provide a gap between the support washers and bottom of the pan area in the range of 1-2 mm. Jacks transferred to the off position and remove the wedges from the wheelset second carriage.

To replace the defective or expired audit hydraulic damper carts CVD and CVD-5-CRI enough to remove the upper and lower bolts and nuts connecting the head to the damper frame and bolster truck.