Gauge interchange

Work on changing the wheel sets are performed on a mechanized point or designated repair station routes, which for this purpose should have a supply of serviceable wheel pairs different in type and diameter of the wheel, lifting equipment and the necessary adaptations. The procedure works by changing wheel pairs depends on the design and type of trucks, cars, availability of lifting and other repair facilities.

For four-wagons to trucks with cast side frames and wheel sets with plain bearings this order is as follows:

raised end of the car, under which is a cart with a faulty wheel pair on vysotu450-500 mm;

roll out a cart and podklinivayut serviceable wheelset;

boxen defective wheelset removed tamping material and soybean oil;

valve using a yoke engages the middle part of the axis of the defective wheel set, rear end of the truck to a height of 2/3 the diameter of the wheel;

under the side frames (closer to a faulty wheel pair) set two small stavlyugi or goats. When lowering the bogie wheel set, coming out of the axle boxes of box rails, back on the rails, liners removed from the housing and bearings, for which several lift axle box in front of them, remove the boxes, inspect and clean them, replace faulty washers and dust of box covers;

removed the defective wheel set and in its place offers a serviceable for the type and gross weight of the car repaired, the complete set of box nodes on a working wheel pair on the front of the axle box to avoid turning it into the neck axis balancers and special hung by a crane lifts the wheel set, taking care that went into the upper parts of box jaw side frames;

stavlyugi removed or goats from the side frames. After that, the raised end of the trolley and wheel pair is lowered onto the rails;

Bushings seasoned Polster or rolls and pour soy oil truck rolled under the car and drop it.

When you replace the roller wheel set eliminates the need for carrying out dismantling and picking axle boxes as wheelset rolls with roller boxen nodes. All the work to replace the wheelset in the car perform two locksmith.

In the eight-changing technology gondola wheel pair determines its number under the car: the first, second or third and fourth. In all cases, be podemki podklinit serviceable Four-cart.

To replace the first wheelset use screw clamps, mounted on both sides of the car to create a hard link between the intermediate beam car frame and the ends of the side frames bogey. At one end of the body podemke elektrodomkratami gondola with him rise and ends of the side frames at bogey. Wheelset, leaving their axle boxes of the jaw, is a free replacement.

If necessary, the rollout of the second wheel set one mechanic disconnects horizontal tightening connecting vertical and bypass levers, and the other using special clamps hangs the outer end of a four-beam connecting the trolley to focusing manhole covers at the intermediate beam frame gondola. Podemka one end of the car body with the end associated with braces connecting the beam to the release pin at bogey can roll the cart out of the car.

To replace the third or fourth wheel sets should roll out completely a four trolley. To do this, the brake linkage Four-cart is disconnected from the undercar brake rod and make the car body podemku elektrodomkratami. In a four bulging trolley outside bogey should podklinit and if necessary, replace the third wheelset disconnect horizontal thrust, connecting vertical and bypass levers. Crane lifting the inner end of the connecting beams, inner trolley roll out and make the replacement of the wheel set as usual.

If necessary, replace the fourth wheelset internal rollout carts are required. Crane with enough grip to lift the defective wheel set and the ends of the sidewalls, set for them stavlyugi or goats, and lowering the defective wheel pair on rails, roll it and replace the other. Raise eight-laden car elektrodomkratami permitted capacity of 40 tons