Isothermal and coaches

Refrigerator cars. By way of support in the back of a certain temperature refrigerator cars are divided into two groups, with the engine cooling (refrigeration) and ldosolyanym. As of heating during the winter period in the first case, electric furnace, and the furnace in the second dry-air action for solid fuels.

In 80 years of industry Wagon built only refrigerated wagons. They can be stand-alone or shaped in section.

Self-contained refrigerated car equipped with automatic diesel generator set, which produces electricity to power the cooling and heating devices. Pyativagonnaya section consists of four freight cars and one car-diesel power with a service department for maintenance personnel. Dvenadtsativagonnaya section includes ten freight cars, refrigerators, one car-engine-room and one-car power with the service department.

Refrigerator cars with ldosolyanym cooling devices built with the location of a cooling block wall (near-wall) and the ceiling (ceiling).

Are kind of insulated wagons for transport of fruit, milk (in cans), live fish.

Dvuhvagonnaya refrigerated sections experienced, is designed to transport live fish freshwater at temperatures from -50. to +40 C. The temperature of the water in which the fish is less than 2-4C.

Wagon-diesel power is identical to the rest of the cars pyativagonnoy section and wagon body to unify.


Passenger cars. They are characterized by the following key technical and economic characteristics: the number of seats or seats for lying; container wagon; permitted axle. Number of hard, semi-soft and soft places to lie-in-metal passenger cars varies from 16 to 58 depending on the type and range of following cars. Number of sofas for seating ranges from 87 to 36 according to the type of cars.