Manual fire ladders and rope rescue

To the manual fire stairs belong to the extension трехколенная, staircase-attack, staircase-stick. Design, its dimensions and weight must comply with the standards.

When working with hand-held fire stairs in the classroom, teaching or in the event of fire should:

- do not allow the lifting and launching more than one person on the stairs of the stick-and-ladder-attack, as well as on one knee sliding fire stairs;

- to hold the sliding fire escape during the raising or lowering of the people on it, and also at work on the stairs with a trunk or instrument

- when working on the stairs with the barrel, Shantsev tool are assigned to a level with the help of the rifle;

- when lifting the extension of fire stairs with a tool to take measures to prevent his fall.

In the case of the suspension of the stairs-attack of the sill need to ensure the reliability of its engagement. When using a ladder-of attack for the movement of steep pitched roofs hook ladder reinforce the roof, the inner corner of which does not exceed 90 degrees.

In the course of training for the study of firefighters work with stairs-attack and sliding fire stairs on the floors of the floors of the training tower put out the fire for the insurance of those, who study.

Training on lifting at the ground floor of the training tower with the help of the ladder-shturmovok can be carried out only after the head of the teachings personally check the condition of insuring the instrument, safety pillows training tower and instruct the people, which were allocated for the insurance on the floors.

When passing the fire (cadets) initial training of their work on lifting at the ground floor of the training tower with the help of a ladder-attack without the use of insuring the device is not allowed.

When installing the extension of fire stairs should:

- install the stairs at a distance of 2.5-2.8 m of the wall (the angle between the horizon should not exceed 75 degrees). Platform must prevent slipping or deviation of the ladder-from a given position;

- to nominate his knees stairs evenly, without rocking, not allowing the closing of the rope (circuit) on the hands;

- to hold the ladder in the nominations for the string bottom of the tribe, not allowing the coverage of the fingers of the inner side of the bow;

- to maintain the balance of the stairs at the time of her nomination;

- check the reliability of fixing the tribes of stairs;

- install it in those places, where she was in the case of a lift, tilt or fall not touch electrical lines or radio networks. If this capability is absent, it is necessary for the installation and cleaning of stairs to allocate three persons, one of which must remain for the insurance of those who rises up the extended ladder from the fall. If the line networks suspended on poles of power lines, in the case of the shutdown of the facility should first cut радиопровод, and then wire the electrical lines;

- establishment of stairs to the metal roof of the object to do only after the shutdown of the facility (building).

Up or down by sliding the fire escape is allowed after the ladder safe leaning against the building (construction) and is supported by the cords of the bottom of the tribe of fire-fighters.

In the case of nomination of the stairs not the full length of its installation must be carried out so that the upper edge of the stairs was above the upper reference surface at a distance of not less than 1 m from it.

During the lifting (lowering) the stairs to look in front of him, covering the steps of his fingers.


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