Mask brand UIP-1

Gas mask-purpose insulating UIP-1 (except for the modification of the UIP-1T) refers to the regenerative air-breathing apparatus repeated applications with chemically bound oxygen.

Is designed for individual protection of respiratory organs and of the person from the harmful effects of the atmosphere of the working area, which has become unfit for respiration due to a decrease in volume of oxygen or the presence of toxic gases and aerosols.

Gas mask UIP-1 is designed for training and training of the personnel of the enterprises of the rules of inclusion and use of gas masks of the above modifications.

The mask can be used in mining, metallurgical and chemical industries, the facilities of the urban underground transport (metro) and objects of municipal services.

Is designed for daily wear during the working shift, the groupware storage in the points of switching on the routes of the output from the dangerous area, on mountain machines and vehicles.

Multiple use of a gas mask is provided by the replacement of the used cartridge replacement.

Is operated at a temperature from - 5 to + 40C, relative humidity to 100% at the temperature of 25 C and atmospheric pressure to a cash consideration of 133,3 kPa (1000 mm Hg).

Designed service life up to a current repair of, years:

- for group storage - 4;

- during operation by wearing or the content on a mountain machines and means of transportation - 3.

The term of storage, years, not more (calculated from the date of production to the date of the beginning of operation) - 0.5 years.

The service life of gas-mask from the current repair -1,0 year.

The service life of a gas mask to medium repair - 5.0 years.

The service life of the gas mask after a mid-repair - 2,5 years.

Full service life of the gas-mask) - 7.5 years.

Design and principle of action of a gas mask UIP-1

The gas mask is a self-contained breathing apparatus repeated applications with chemically bound oxygen. Oxygen, which is necessary for breath, stands out in the absorption of products of water vapor and carbon dioxide contained in the air that is exhaled.

The mask consists of regenerative cartridge with a starting device, respiratory bag with excessive valve, corrugated tube with a rubber mask type MIA-l with the headband (for modifications of the plant UIP-11, the UIP-11N, UIP-12 and UIP-12H) or with загубником, a nose-clamp and glasses (for modifications of the UIP-13 and UIP-13N).

Regenerative cartridge installed in it filter and теплогазоразпределителем filled with кислородосодержащим product that is built into the body of the shock absorbers.

In the idle position of a gas mask resuscitation and corrugated tube with a mask or загубником, a nose-clamp and the glasses were held in an orderly way under the cover with the help of two tension tapes and быстрооткрывающегося castle is attached to the body and pressurized rubber gasket. For the convenience of wearing the housing is provided with a shoulder and lap belts made from woven tape. On the body there is a heat shield, which protects the person from burns accidental touch.

The principle of operation of a gas mask is as follows: at stall with the help of the ring measures of the cap fires the starting device, causes separation from the launch of the briquette is not less than 5 liters of oxygen within 50 seconds. Oxygen separated fills the breathing bag and provides a breath of man in the initial period of operation of the product, which contains oxygen, (the first 2 minutes) in regenerative cartridge. In the mask of the modifications to the UIP-11 and UIP-11 N applied circular scheme of circulation of air, the air, which выдыхаемотся, through the mask of a tube with a valve gearbox from the valve exhaling comes in regenerative cartridge, where is cleared of carbon dioxide, replenished with oxygen and the circular gap between external and internal wall cartridges is sent to the breathing bag. In the case of the overflow of the excessive amount of air is removed through the excessive valve, located in the valve. Inhalation of air enriched with oxygen, from the breathing bag through the valve inhalation valve box and pipe enters the mask and the respiratory tract.

In the mask of the modifications to the UIP-12, the UIP-I2N, UIP-13,UIP-13N applied pendulum scheme of circulation of the air: the air that is exhaled, through a mask or pads on the tube enters the regenerative cartridge, where is cleared of carbon dioxide, replenished with oxygen and the circular gap between external and internal wall cartridges is sent to the breathing bag. In the case of the overflow of the excessive amount of air is removed through the excessive valve. When inhaled air is served in the opposite direction, i.e. from the breathing bag air passes annular gap, the second regenerative cartridge, corrugated pipe, and is delivered through a mask or pads in the respiratory tract.

The process of cleaning the air flows from the heat, so when breathing respirator cartridge gradually heats up and becomes hot, and exhaled, warm.

In the educational-training mask UIP-1T, inhalation of ambient air through a nozzle in the outlet cartridge comes in the corrugated pipe, and then through the mask in the respiratory tract. In the exhalation of air is routed through the mask, corrugated pipe, a valve, exhaling under the top of the cartridge and then goes in resuscitation. Part of the (excess) exhaled air, through the nozzle is removed in the atmosphere, which is caused by a certain resistance to breathing. In the next breath of air out of the bag involuntarily displayed in the atmosphere through a hole in the lid of the patron, the simulated drop the bag in a cycle of human breathing.

Rules of registration and operation of gas masks

Light and technical maintenance of gas masks must deal with a person appointed by the leadership of the party.

Self-contained breathing apparatus should be stored indoors in a sealed containers (boxes), access to which should be free in case of need to use for the intended purpose (in case of emergency).

Boxes with gas masks should be protected from direct sunlight and be of теплоизлучающих devices at a distance of not less than 1 m.

Near the box with gas masks should be placed posters, pointing to the procedure of inclusion in the gas mask, and the routes of escape from the room.

When the transfer operation (and every month of exploitation) self-contained breathing apparatus should be subjected to external inspection and testing for tightness. The results of the test gas masks is recorded in "Magazine of registration of gas masks in section".

Categorically prohibits the extradition of gas masks persons, untrained rules of their use.

Before the beginning of the change of conditions must be subjected to external inspection. Upon detection of holes and dents on the housing depth of more than 15 mm, of a malfunction of the castle, the lack of seals and shoulder strap respirator to the operation is not allowed and must be replaced by the regular.

Taken from the cell rack mask for the details of the castle is not allowed. This may lead to a disruption of the seals and the loss of tightness of a gas mask.

Not allowed to leave the mask near теплоизлучающих devices, washed with water and use it as a seat, support, etc. This can lead to premature breakdown. In the event of pollution conditions wipe with a damp cloth.

The mask should be worn on the shoulder on the left side. After the change of the gas mask is to be deposited in a specially equipped room. Leave it at the workplace or transmitted to another person, if it is not connected with the necessity of saving the life, is prohibited.


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