Means of individual protection

1) Protective clothing and equipment.

Fighting and protective clothing should ensure the usability and safety of fire in the conditions of low and high temperatures, as well as protection from the impact of water and various solutions.

Fighting and protective clothing, the objects of warm clothes (trousers, boots, fur coats, jackets, подшлемники, etc.), helmets, safety belts and boots are issued to personnel in accordance with their size. It is prohibited to use on combat duty fire helmets without єнергопоглащательных systems (thulium) and подбородочных belts with buckles, combat and protective clothing, gloves, which have lacerations and other injuries.

The personnel of the issue of fire protection of military clothing and equipment are in accordance with the norms of accessories, which must conform to the growth and stature of the employee. Fighting clothing is fixed individually for each, it is prohibited to shortening it and of the damage.

Fire zone and fire carbines

Before entering on duty, fire carbines and fire zone are subject to a thorough visual inspection.

Fire zone are removed from combat duty in the case of:

- malfunction (failure, curved) buckles and studs buckles;

- violation of the integrity of rivets and the absence in them washers;

- the rivets or blocks of material waist tape;

- lack of хомутика to lay the end of the belt;

- damage to the waist tape (cut, laceration, etc.);

- presence of the dents and cracks on the surface of the blocks or the absence of even one of them;

- there are gaps leather layer belt.

Carbines are removed from combat duty, if:

- he was deformed (the valve does not open or fully closed);

- spring does not ensure the closing of the lock carbine, as well as speeches and roughness (bumps) in the shutter and in the place of swivel mount shutter.

Belt fire and carbines fire rescue facilities and are tested for strength once a year. For the test of the belt is put on a solid beam or a command-line design, with a diameter of not less than 300 mm, after which the belt is fastened on the belt buckle. The carbine, as set forth in the semi-ring belt, applied static load 400 kgf and incubated for a period of 5 min. The load can be created as a by weight, and with the help of the devices, allowing to create a load and measure it. After removal of load on the belt should not be any gaps or other damage to the waist belt, buckles, rivets, etc.

Carbine should not be damaged and lose the integrity of the material.

Shutter carbine should open and close firmly.

2) Insulating gas masks.

3) Respirators special RS.

4) Self-contained breathing Apparatus plant IMP-1.


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