Organization of operation of fire vehicles

The content of the fire vehicles in a state of combat readiness and use them on fire and exercises, as well as their maintenance and repair is called exploitation.

For successful fire extinguishing fire trucks should always be in good condition. Secure considered to be fire-fighting vehicles, fully equipped, with normal working mechanisms, systems, fire-technical arms and means of communication. To be OK also include fire-fighting vehicles, which are at the planned maintenance and conservation.

When fighting fires are spent extinguishing substance (water, foam, powder, etc.). When leaving the fire, fire fighting and return to the garage spent fuel and lubricants.

Work of all mechanisms of fire vehicles is accompanied by a deterioration of working surfaces of parts, pollution filters, change of the primary indicators management drives management. Due to the deteriorating technical characteristics and, consequently, the operation of all mechanisms and systems, decrease the technical capabilities of firefighting vehicles.

To restore combat readiness, as well as to maintain the proper level of their technical characteristics carry out technical maintenance of THE fire vehicles. Troubleshooting and failure mechanisms during use or identified during the maintenance and recovery of the mechanisms is carried out in the repair of cars.

In order to maintain the good technical condition of fire vehicles introduced the planned-preventive system of their maintenance and repair. According to this system of technical maintenance and repair is carried out after a certain regulated by the value of path.

Established by the following FACT: daily maintenance (ETO), A-1, a-2 seasonal maintenance (WITH).

The system of technical service and repair of fire vehicles has features by type of service, location:

- IT is in the fire unit when changing the guard. It was also established THAT at school or in the event of fire (TOP), and after returning from the fire (ТОВП) in the division, where they are conducting military settlements and drivers;

- Dates ТМ-1, a-2 are planned in teams;

- SOMETHING-1 is conducted in scheduled manner drivers and fighting calculations in the garages;

- ТМ-2 is carried out there the same with the participation of drivers, serving PA;

- WITH is carried out by the military settlements with attraction of experts of orders.

In the course of maintenance also carry out small repair work. They are called the repair.

Wear mechanisms leads to a deterioration of their technical characteristics, reduce the speed of movement of fire vehicles, flow rate and head, developing fire pumps, etc. Mechanisms, which have been worn out or out of order due to various injuries, restoring the average and major repairs.

Frequency of routine maintenance and repairs is established on the basis of the values runs of fire vehicles, is fixed on the speedometer (Sсп km), as well as indicators of engine operation in stationary conditions of the pump and the warming-up (1 hour). It is established, that during engine operation in stationary conditions within 1 hour of its depreciation is equivalent to wear when run of 50 km. On the basis of this introduced the concept of the path (Sнп, km), which is determined by the formula:

Sнп = 50t,

where t is the work of the engine in stationary conditions, the hour.

The total mileage of fire vehicles:

S = Sнп + Sпр = Sсп + 50t

The amount of mileage fire cars, as well as the costs of fuel and lubricants is the basis for THAT and repair, therefore it daily is recorded in the operational map and, in addition, the monthly fixed in the form of a fire car driver.

In fire protection maintenance is carried out at such intervals:

- Daily maintenance - when changing the guard;

- TOP and TOPP - on fires and training and after their termination;

- TМ 1 - after a mileage of 1000 km, but not less than once a month;

- TМ-2 - after the General run of 5000 km, but not less than once a year;

- CO - in the transition from years of exploitation in winter and Vice versa.

During the maintenance cleaning-washing, lubricating, control-checking and mounting works carried out in a compulsory order, gas and adjustment works, as well as Troubleshooting is performed in case of need.

During the entire duration of use is checked and reversed the combat readiness of fire vehicles, is controlled by the operation of all mechanisms and ensuring their reliable operation.

Responsibility for timely and high-quality technical maintenance of fire vehicles are the rulers of the firefighting units. The captain of the guards responsible for the regularity of the fire fighting equipment and fire-technical arms, timely and high-quality service. He manages the maintenance and testing of fire-technical arms. His responsibilities include the management of operation of fire-technical arms.

For the organization and operation of fire vehicles is published the order of head of the detachment. In the order specified unit, which will be delivered fire-fighting vehicles. For acceptance of the fire vehicles shall be appointed by the Commission consisting of a Chairman and members: a representative of the detachment of a paramilitary guard, as well as the senior instructor of the sector of fire surveillance and technical means (as a rule, is a senior instructor of motor vehicles and ГДЗС), the head and the driver of the subdivision, which is sent to the fire truck .

The Commission establishes the existence of the necessary documentation on the fire truck its entirety of the instrument and the fire-technical arms. The technical condition of the fire vehicles are checked visually, listening to the engine operation, special units, as well as a trial run. In the event of the detection of faults in the machinery and equipment shall be drawn-claim.

After the reception of the fire vehicle at him start the necessary operational and technical documentation: technical passport and boarding pass to him, the form, accounting log maintenance, card maintenance, as well as the performance of the card on the car, automobile tires and batteries.


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