The procedure and rules of the cleaning and disinfection of protective breathing apparatus

Cleaning of protective breathing apparatus shall be carried out after each work in them.

Before cleaning воздухопроводную system of protective breathing apparatus is subjected to disassembly.

Cleaning the air breathing apparatus is carried out by washing them in clean water with a serial wiping dry, and masks - heated dry air. During the cleaning of insulating regenerative respirators are disconnected from the valve box with a mask of corrugated pipes of inhalation and exhalation, removable respiratory valves, the regenerative cartridge and a breathing bag with safety valve. Additionally in the R 30 (R-C4) is removed refrigerator.

A mask with a valve gearbox, the respiratory valves, the inside of corrugated pipes of inhalation and exhalation wash under a jet of clean water and wipe with a cloth.

Housing protective breathing apparatus, block lung machine and gear, a safety valve breathing bag, the sound signal (refrigerator) - all other metal parts and belts suspension system are wiped with a soft clean cloth.

The internal part of the sound signal, a breathing bag (together with the excessive valve), the mask, the details of the valve (connective) box, respiratory valves and corrugated tube breaths and release of dried heated air

After cleaning of protective breathing apparatus are going pumped air cylinders (if necessary, replaced by oxygen tank and regenerative cartridge), and then a check is performed № 2

Disinfection of protective breathing apparatus begins with the disassembly of the воздухопроводной system. In air breathing apparatus disinfection do for the mask, and lung machine, separating it from воздухопроводной system.

The mask is washed with clean water, dried and rubbed with gauze soaked in alcohol. Special attention should be paid to the careful drying exhalation valve masks after washing, because to comply with this requirement may lead to stick together valve and increasing resistance by inhalation in the further work.

Pulmonary machine apart, washed with warm water inside the cavity and the membrane, all parts of the dried and collected. Then through the nozzle into the inner cavity of the lung machine is filled with alcohol and well прополаскивается. After draining alcohol pulmonary machine blows the air.

Disinfection is also to be a lifesaving device after each of its application.

In insulating regenerative respirators, after removing the воздухопроводной system, you need to disconnect the safety valve from the breathing bag and, if necessary, unplug the unit lung machine and gear from the chassis.

Mask, the outer walls of the respiratory bag and plug are rinsed with warm water and soap, and the inner wall corrugated pipes of inhalation and exhalation valve (connective) box, breathing bag and signal devices (refrigerator) are rinsed with warm water.

Housing and nodes of the outer part of protective breathing apparatus is cleaned with a damp cloth.

The inner part of the mask wipe with a soft cloth moistened with alcohol or disinfectant Wipe need to do several times, not missing the hidden spots and seams.

The details of the safety valve, respiratory valves, saddles, pipe corrugated pipes of inhalation and exhalation are disinfected by immersing them in дезинфицирующую liquid, making sure that it is completely washed their surface.

Respiratory corrugated pipes of inhalation and exhalation, resuscitation, the valve (connection) box and a signalling device (refrigerator) disinfected by means of injections to them of the disinfectant or sink for 5 min. with such calculation, that it wet all their walls. After disinfection the details of the insulating regenerative respirators are rinsed with warm water and dry air with a temperature not more than +50 C. Draws attention to the quality of drying, as the presence of residual humidity in excess and respiratory valves may affect the operation of these sites.

Allowed drying rubber parts of protective respiratory devices in a dry environment at a distance from heating and heating devices or outdoors in the shade.

After the disinfection of protective breathing apparatus are collected, the cylinders are pumped air (if necessary, replaced by oxygen tank and regenerative cartridge), and then a check is performed № 2.

For disinfection should use one of the solutions:

- Ethyl rectificated technical;

- Solution (6%) hydrogen peroxide,

- Solution (1%) chloramine,

- Solution of (8%) boric acid,

- Fresh solution (0.5%) of марганцовокислого potassium.

Note: Use for disinfection of organic solvents (petrol, acetone, kerosene) is prohibited.

Recording on the verification of gas-masks are made in the "Journal of accounting for daily maintenance of gas masks", Journal of accounting periodic maintenance of the gas-masks".


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