Replacement, repair of defective parts and components

Inconsistency in the gaps skolzunah established norms is one of the most common problems. To adjust the overall gap in skolzunah car to increase or decrease the number of plates under skolzunami cart. This work is done by two locksmith. One of them jammed wheel pairs opposite the trolley, and the second sets the hydropneumatic jack under the ends of the pivot beam. Podemka body is as long as the opportunity to take cover skolzuna from which must first be removed securing bolt (truck CRI-A3-0), insert skolzuna (trolley MT-50 or UVZ) bolts or brackets skolzuna (three-axle bogies ). After that, if the gap was smaller than normal, to: remove the required number of plates or add them if the gap was more than the norm. Then, restoring skolzunov mount, car lowered, jacks removed from the wheels and remove the wedges.

The total gap between skolzunami cart and wagon body on both sides of all the cars, including hopper-type feeders-DVZ CRI should be in the range of 2 to 20 mm, and a hopper to transport coal, hot sinter, apatite and hopper-type feeders CRI 2, CRI-3 from 6 to 12 mm.

To change the wedge damper carts CRI-X3-0 should use the special tool with which to bolster hung pivot. One of these devices is designed as a guard, consisting of legs, hooks and nuts. Support surface feet and grips to prevent slippage made notching. Impose bracket clamps on the frame of the car, and give birth to the end of the leg bolster under the upper horizontal wall. The critical length is regulated by moving the bracket legs on the shank of the nut thread. Then, just as in the gaps in regulation skolzunah by jacking the car lifted.

When podemke body with it will rise and bolster the way into the top chord lateral bogie frame. After that, removed the outer-row spring from faulty friction wedge podklinovaya spring and friction wedge.

Changing the side frame bolster, and three-axle bogies, in addition, the pivot and lateral beams produced by mechanized centers or designated repair paths with lifting equipment. In this case, set the car so that the ends of the pivot beam above the faulty truck that came against sliding beams stationary elektrodomkratov. If the jacks are mobile, then the car is supplied to a place where there are places for jacking. Then wheelsets faulty truck podklinivayut sever the main brake traction and vertical lever faulty lift truck and car before the kingpin of pyatnika cart. Truck roll out, setting pre-end of the car under the raised tables (if podemka made mobile elektrodomkratami). Bulging trolley with accessories and crane girder gantry crane or dismantle and replace the defective beam or side frame.