Springs and spring suspension

The spring suspension is a system of elastic elements and shock absorbers to cushion shocks transmitted wheels body and damping vibrations occurring during movement. In addition, the springs and spring guides transmit force from the wheels on the bogie frame and the body.

With the passage of the rough wheel sets (joints, crossovers, depths, etc.) there are dynamic loads, including shock. The appearance of dynamic loads also contribute to various defects wheelset. If there were no spring suspension, the body of the car took a hard, all the dynamic effects that would lead to the rapid destruction of the design of the car and carried in its cargo and passengers can not travel, especially at high speeds.

In the freight car bogie use elliptic leaf springs and coil springs.

Elliptical spring consists of two sheets facing each other with their concave sides, thus forming an ellipse. Each leaf spring is made up of five sections composing sheets 120h12 mm. Leaf springs are connected at the ends with special alloy brackets, lugs called elliptic leaf springs. These springs are spring group two-axle bogies MT-50 and UVZ. Besides elliptical springs in spring group trolleys MT-50 and consists of four double-row UVZ spring. Spring group is mounted on a special socket plate springs and springs, and a cover plate on top.

In the trap under the refrigerator cars used multiple-elliptic leaf springs Galakhova increased flexibility.

Each leaf spring in them consists of six sheets section 76h10 mm.

Spring group carts CRI-HZ-0 consists of two V-, and seven-lane shock springs, each of which consists of an outer and inner springs. Depending on the load of the car in trucks of the same type can be a spring group of seven, six, five and two-row spring. Seven springs, for example, come in every spring group eight-and four-car capacity of 63-66 tons Six springs, located by the scheme are available in the spring group bogie wagons carrying capacity of 50 tons in refrigerator cars, a gross mass of 65 t, temporarily bars, cars Livestock and specialized car carriers spring group consists of five springs set for the scheme.

In the three-axle bogies UV3-10M spring group of springs combined with friction damper. In the trap-9M UV3 spring group consists of four two-row spring identical springs trucks CRI-HZ-0, but in the fifth spring instead of internal friction damper is located. In the trap, the 1st UV3 within each two-row spring a friction damper.

In carriages carriages hanging double. Spring steel or spring kits are composed of a double hanging nadbuksovogo and center. The composition nadbuksovogo spring suspension includes double (TSVTK trolley, rigid), single coil springs (carts TSMB, LSC-I2) and single-coil springs with friction shock absorbers (carts KHP-5, LSC-CRI, size 03-T RIC and as these types of carts to 1435 mm). Nadbuksovoe hanging trolley car RT-200 consists of two coil springs and friction damper. Central (cradle) suspension consists of elliptic springs pyatiryadnyh Glahova system (trolley CMV, LSC-I2, TSTVK gain) or two sets of three gang springs obliquely mounted hydraulic shock absorbers (carts KB3-5, LSC-CRI, size 03-T RIC ). Spring is a rubber gasket between the housing and the base shpintona axle box truck. Bushings, crackers and other details are fixed completely with the help of disk spring and nut. Height springs in the free state in carts CMV - 309 mm, KHP-5 - 296 mm CVD-CRI and dimensions 03-T - 266 mm diameter rod first spring 40 mm, and the other 36 mm. The number of wires in nadbuksovyh springs trucks CMV, KHP-5 is 4.4, while the bogies LSC-CRI and dimensions 03-T - 3.9. Three-row spring central spring suspension are made of bars diameter respectively, 40, 30, 20 mm. The height of each spring in the free state in carts LSC-5 - 296 mm, and a trolley LSC-CRI and dimensions 03-T (RIC) - 496 mm. Central spring suspension trucks vary in outside diameter, with carts LSC-5 inner, middle and outer diameters of the springs are respectively 140, 200, 240 mm, and a trolley LSC-CRI, size 03-T (RIC) - 160, 240, 370 mm.

The structure consists of a central spring suspension and hydraulic shock absorbers, which are installed on trucks KHP-5, LSC-CRI, size 03 - T (RIP) and some other types.

On trolleys TSK-1 consists of a central suspension air springs and hydraulic shock absorbers. Nadbuksovoe suspension is in the form of springs and friction bushings.