Survey wheelsets

Wheel sets are subjected to technical inspection, inspection, repair and re-form. Check and timely withdrawal from service of wheel sets, threatening the safety of trains, as well as quality control of rolled and repaired wheel pairs performed during inspection of wheel sets for cars, ordinary and complete examination.

Maintenance checks wheelsets under the cars produced: the formation and dissolution of the stations at the time of the arrival of trains, after arrival and before departure at the stations where the train schedule provides parking for maintenance of wagons, carriages in paragraphs preparation for shipment and before directing a train after crashes, accidents, collisions vehicles, derailment of wagons with sliding bearings, with the current ottsepochnom and preventive maintenance of cars and a single technical audit of carriages. This test produces viewer cars, and have unhooked at current ottsepochny repairs - master and supervisors. However, they are required to verify the state of elements of wheel sets, appropriate to their size and wear of the established norms. In cars, arrived at current ottsepochny repair, with rollout of wheel sets to be installed, in addition, according to the type and size of load and type of car.

Full examination of wheelsets made in car shed, workshop vagonokolesnyh (ECM) and wagon factory (SAS) according to the requirements. After a complete examination of the ends of the necks of wheelset, found fit, knock installed panels and signs.

Ordinary examination wheelset is made at each podkatke a car, except wheelset, nebyvshih in service since the last full or a standard examination.

At ordinary examination wheelset exercise: a preliminary examination before cleaning, removing dirt and grease, check magnetic inspection necks and predpodstupichnyh parts wheelset axles for sliding bearings, check the middle of the magnetic detector axis ultrasonic flaw detector test podstupichnyh parts wheelset axles for plain bearings and checking for size and wear of all elements with the standards, interim audit boxwood wheelsets for roller bearings. After examination of the ordinary stamp on wheelset not pose. To TVE, PPV, MPTR data podkachennyh wheelsets are entered in a special register.