To test the mechanism of automatic coupling device

On items of maintenance and training coaches to transport reliable operation of the fuse samorastsepa, wear and faulty circuit tripping zamkoderzhatelya crowbar and a special test pattern 873.

To test the action of the fuse samorastsepa coupler centers pointy end of a special crowbar, which has a width of 20 mm, is introduced into the space between the top wall of the pharynx of a shock one coupler and the other end face of the castle and click on the lock. If the lock does not go into the coupler jaw and still hear the distinct sound of metal hitting versus zamkoderzhatelya fuse, the circuit is working correctly. When checking of the fuse from samorastsepa crowbar can also determine the amount of free wheel lock, wait at least 7 and not more than 20 mm.

You can check serviceability zamkoderzhatelya top crowbar attack on his paw, which then has to go inside the pocket coupler, or by pressing the bottom as the paw crowbar through opening for coupling decoupling mistakenly pulling faces. Zamkoderzhatel should rise on the value of the oval hole for stud. When checking zamkoderzhatelya above and below it on the termination of a crowbar must be free to return to its original position.

873 checks whether the pattern of unlinked coupler. The width of the throat is normal, if the pattern is applied to a small corner of the other end of the tooth, does not ignore the big toe of the tooth.

The length of the small tooth is normal, if the pattern set in the position I did not put on it completely. The distance from the wall of the throat of a shock to the traction surface of a large tooth checked pattern, as shown in position II. In a working coupler pattern should not take place in the space between said surfaces. The thickness of the castle is in tolerance, when the size of the cut in the template below this thickness.

When checking of the fuse from samorastsepa pattern is perpendicular shock jaw coupler wall, with one end should rest against the leg zamkoderzhatelya and square in the traction surface of a large tooth. Fuse is good for if you press to lock it away in his pocket coupler • no more than 20 mm.

The same pattern can check the status of the mechanism to hold the lock in the disengaged condition before breeding cars. To do this, turn the roller lift to failure, then release it. Lock must be retained in rastsepnom position, and after the cessation of clicking on the paw pattern zamkoderzhatelya fall under its own weight in the down position.

Pattern 873 can check the difference in height between the longitudinal axes coupler centers. For this pattern projection rests against the bottom surface of the lock coupler, located above and the other tab, located at a distance of 100 mm from the first, should not go up to the castle second coupler.

When a single technical audit coaches coupler remove, dismantle and clean pockets. Action clutch checked after assembly and installation of automatic couplers on the car. The thickness of the lock mechanism linking allowed at least 50 mm. Correct assembly of the test patterns containing 940R and 820R, and then measure the height of the axis of the coupler head of the rail, which in wagons to trucks LSC and LSC-5-CRI should be between 1080-1020 mm, and the other types of cars to trucks 1080-1010 mm. Coupler height adjustment is achieved by means of setting up to two pads a total height of 20 mm under vseopornye bearings cradle suspension bogies LSC and LSC-5-CRI 1.

The height of the coupler are also regulated by shims thickness up to 15 mm, arranged by the central suspension spring kit for cars with trucks LSC-CRI-1 and 2 on the cars with trucks LSC-CRI-1 and 2 and LSC-5 - a total thickness of gasket not more than 8 mm of box directly under the spring, and on trucks LSC-CRI-2, in addition, turn the rollers and the central support washers hanging in one of three positions. Gaskets, mounted on one side of a truck axle-box springs and central suspension should be the same thickness. When a single technical audit difference between the heights of the coupler at the ends of the rail head coaches are not allowed Bol 20 mm, 5 mm coupler slack, the deviation from the horizontal top 10 mm.