Trolley passenger and refrigerator wagons

Trolley passenger and refrigerator cars designed to combine wheel sets for a relatively long car, on a curve track sections and the load transfer from the body through the wheel pair on rails. In the former Soviet Union have been applied two-axle trucks, and some of the coaches are special and three-axle trucks. Trolley cars are distinguished: spring suspension system, a way of load transfer from the body to the bogie frame, a way to connect the frame to the wheel sets, the presence or absence of hydraulic shock absorbers and nadbuksovyh friction shock absorbers, as well as installation of undercar generator and its drive. On the device spring suspension truck passenger and refrigerator cars are double or triple-spring suspension.

According to the method of load transfer from the body to the bogie frame distinguish cradle spring suspension with sets elliptic springs and cradle with three-row sets of springs. Body relies on a cart in a heel or side skolzuny.

Suspension bogie frame to the wheel pairs is performed using single coil springs, cylindrical spring dual-core or single coil springs with friction damper. Depending on the design of the trolley have one or two on each side of the vertical or horizontal hydraulic shock absorbers, but there are no carts hydraulic shock absorbers. So, for example, trucks refrigerator cars are absent. Bogie carriages are equipped with electric generators undercar drives from the front of the neck axis, having a V-belt or propeller reduction gear. Part of a bogie carriages undercar generators driven by the middle of the wheel pair. In this case the generator is fixed on the frame of the car and connected to the drive gimbal or belt drive.

Under the passenger cars the serial two-axle trucks of different types: CMV, KHP KHP-5-CRI I, LSC-CRI II Envelope 03-T (RIC) with roller bearing axle boxes. Under the passenger cars for speeds up to 200 km / h-axle truck mounted type TSC-I, the presence of different air springs instead of the central spring suspension. Braking equipment includes magnetic rail brakes and shoe air brakes replaced with an individual disk drive. There are electronic devices and auto protivoyuznye number 402.

Trolley TSK-1 is equipped with horizontal and vertical hydraulic shock absorbers, and for of compressed air used to supply air springs, have tanks.

Under refrigerated wagons rolled carts LSC-I2 with roller bearing axle boxes and double-spring suspension.