Undercar drive generator

In passenger cars of the former USSR are two types of drives undercar generators: the belt and gear-propeller. Transmission using a belt is the most common in cars that are not equipped with air conditioning, electrical appliances with power 5.8 kW, and applying to train at a speed of 100 km / h Drive generators types RD, FGP Gazelan designed as a flat belt.

With the V-belt drives the generator from the front or from the middle of the wheel pair in cars, interregional and hard Undocked, built Kalinin Railcar traded with a speed of 120-160 km / h

In operation there are cars with V-belt is gear-shaft drive (KRKP) generator from cervical wheel pair. Its fundamental difference is that here the added spur gear between the driven pulley and drive shaft, thus increasing the rotational speed of the generator.

When servicing drives undercar generator checks the integrity of both types, and the tension of belts. Operation of flat belts with faulty stitching, tears and bundles are not allowed. Repair Sleeves length should be at least 500 mm. V-belts with bundles, nicked and razlohmachivaniyami not allowed. Number of belts in the kit must be at least three. The load on the drive is reduced to 4.5 kW. When checking determine the stiffness attachment drive pulley, no traces of lubricant leakage from the gearbox, as well as the integrity of the safety devices, shock absorbers suspension generator. If necessary, lubricate the propeller shaft spline joints and needle bearings and bushings frogs hanging gear drive. Input and output pulleys with cracks, splits and dents are replaced with new or reconditioned.

Technical inspection of the generator V-belt drive from the center axis provides a quality check of V-belts. The displacement in the joints polushkivov streams no more than 0.5 mm. Check bolts and nuts of the gearbox housing, propeller shaft and safety devices. Mounting the drive pulley drive should be tough. In the presence of the tighter tolerances produce a replacement axle nut weakened and worn pins. Play drive shaft, measured at a radius of 100 mm from the axis of the gear unit, no more than 2.5 mm. With a gap greater than specified, the gearbox is removed from the car for the disassembly and repair.

In case of mechanical impurities in the grease gearbox completely disassembled for cleaning and inspection of parts. If there are signs of an oil leak from the gearbox oil level is checked in it and after the cause of leaking oil is added.

The gap between the top of the drive belt is ploskoremennogo and the lower edge vrreza bogie frame be at least 80 mm. Razlohmachivanie, anguishes and bundles of flat belt is not allowed.

Geared-shaft drive cars generators mounted on the middle of the axis, or fastened to the end of the axle box wheelset. Geared-cardan drive from the middle of the axis is found in cars equipped with air-conditioning systems, including on dining cars, produced from 1966 gear unit is in the middle of the shaft. The direction of rotation is transmitted to the gearbox and drive shaft on the clutch armature and motor-generator (transmitter). Fuse from falling on the road at random damage gear, propeller shaft brackets are used with bracket and suspension pan. The horizontal position of the axis of pinion gear provides support point. Installation location under the car converter is welded frame, fixed to the frame of the car body bolts with castellated nut. Skid shoes generator bolted to the castle nut to full frame simultaneously with the profile bushings, rubber rings and pallets. This ensures the elasticity of the connection, which substantially reduces the harmful effects of shock and vibration transducer. Mounts to the frame of the generator and have special emphasis to guard against longitudinal movement and drop it on the way at break of support brackets.

Under the dining-car generators installed capacity of 28 or 32 kW and under the cars with air conditioning - 28 kW.

Geared-cardan drive an electric generator from the front of the neck axis on one car, if electrical power consumption is less than 5 kW. Dining cars and wagons with radiokupe, cars with coupe-buffets on trolleys LSC-5 have two generators driven from the front of the axis. As a typical adopted with gear drive type RK, has three versions (SC-l, RC-IA, SC-6), the choice of which depends on the speed and type of generator installed on the truck.

Generator drive gear from the end of the neck is bolted to the axle housing upper part. The generator is connected to the gearbox drive shaft with flexible rubber joints. Plate-holder which strengthened generator is welded to the longitudinal beam bogie frame. Gearbox and generator set at an angle to the horizontal to reduce the imbalance in the joints. This angle is: 4C - for gear RK-l and 6C - for gear RC-1A and RC-6. Clamps and clamp not prevent the identification of damage and repair work for the implementation of bezottsepochnom maintenance to TVE. They are safety devices that keep hold of fastening generator drive when accidentally broken. The drive is also equipped with weatherproof device for water drainage and waste from sewage pipes from the gearbox or drive shaft to the side.

RK-l gear installed on trucks with CMV DC generator 4.5 kW for operation under harsh nekupeynymi cars with water heating. This drive provides transfer speed from the front axle to the neck axis of the generator at a speed trains to 115-125 km / h RK-l gearbox is mounted to the body with roller bearing axle boxes of diameter 280 mm. Gear RC-1A included bait generator from the front of the neck axis on trolleys LSC-5 with roller bearing axle boxes of diameter 280 mm and on trolleys LSC-CRI with roller bearings with a diameter of 250 mm. Gear this modification provides normal power supply of the car with a generator type 23/07.19 at speeds up to 170 km / h, and the generator type and PV-l14 - 140 km / h

Unlike gear RC-1 gearing RK-1A have a perfect mesh, and several other design changes would eliminate loosening nut shank shaft driven gear reducer improve lubricity, improve tightness of the gearbox housing with intermediate ring. The advantage is also its most interchangeable parts.

On trolleys type LSC-CRI with wheelsets having roller bearing axle boxes with a diameter of 250 mm, mounted motors RC-6. Carts with gearboxes drove under inter-regional and other passenger cars with a speed up to 160 km / h Gear Unit RC-6 is analogous Gear Unit RC-1 and RC-IA.

In the area of the front gearbox bearing RC-6 is sensor, beeping in a compartment of the conductor when heated above a certain temperature reducer. In this case, the conductor of the car emergency brake stops the train to determine the damage, caused by overheating.

Drives the generator from the front axle compartment, dining cars and radiokupe built plants in Germany are gearing ETNG-W, 5 (Fagan II). The design of the drive and the location of it on trucks LSC-5. LSC-CRI, such as gearboxes and Kazakhstan. The angle of the gearbox and the generator to the horizontal is 4 degrees. Driveshafts generator drives from the front of the neck axis interchangeable. At the ends of the drive shaft mounted rubber mount.

When servicing drive generator in transit passenger train primarily detected traces of oil leakage from the gear case, check the degree of heating gear, universal joint shaft and clutch, is mounted drive components and safety devices, the presence and the tension of flat and V-belts, signs shift gear on the middle of the wheel pair, the state of the rubber pads of the drive shaft of the generator from the front axle. These manufacturing operations. perform and sending of passenger trains in the flight and during the ETP passenger cars, but the technical requirements for the content drive the generator in each case are different. For example, in the preparation of the voyage or journey vagonov who discovered shift gear on the middle of the axis, or weakened by tightening bolts composite drive components or safety devices for long-distance is not allowed. By mechanical damage of the drive shaft, broken or cracked rubber inserts, heated joints propeller shaft, clutch, than usual, damaged stitching, tearing and weakening of the drive belts are taking measures to address these shortcomings. Diameter wire strapping fixing bolts where applicable drawing is for bolts M20 - 2.5-3.0 mm M12 - 1.6-2.0 mm and M8 - 1.2-1.6 mm.

Unacceptable lack of oil in the gearbox, its pollution metallic inclusions, lack of strapping wires have drain plugs and petrol motors. Valid also for cracks and splits in the V-belt pulleys, motor and propeller and ploskoremennyh drives: missing or damaged drive shaft cover any gap in the master and slave fixtures pulleys, as well as landing gear on the shaft of the gearbox, background noise while operating. Paragraphs formation and turnover of passenger trains on the stencil on the gearbox need to identify cars with expired uniform technical audit generator drive or those whose term expires in the way.

If the total gap in detail gear, measured on the arc of a diameter of 120 mm at the hub of the drive from the front of the hinge axis to reach more than 2.5 mm, and the drive from the middle of the axis - more than 3 mm, measured on the arc of a diameter of 100 mm at the hub hinge then the common technical audit mechanics 5th discharge eliminate these faults and vpolnyayut number of preventive work in specially equipped repair stations or offices.

Statement is not allowed in the train car that has an oil leak through the labyrinth seal, there are traces of the amount of oil on the disc or wheel rim and the gap between the discs friction clutch type Stone more than 1 mm.

When ETP generator drive from the middle of the gear wheel pair opened in a repair department, where the wheelset mounted on the stand. Repair work and control measurements of parts perform in full compliance with the requirements of the technical documentation. In the maintenance department restores parts propeller shaft, clutch and gearbox and drive pulleys KRKP.

When mounting the drive units allow generators wagons posing studs are only 40X Full thread using acrylic plastic AST-T. When attaching the rubber coupling compulsory to check the status and depth gauges tapping holes in the end of the neck wheel pair. The violation of this condition leads to a skewed coupling breakage and destruction mount rubber clutch gearbox Kazakhstan on the way. Installing the drive KRKP an incomplete set of belts and their tension is not enough with the tension device is not allowed. If this requirement is not met, the route is heated pulleys and usually train stop at the signal devices PONAB though boxen nodes are not overheated.

If you replace a gearbox driven by the middle of the axle or wheel set, on which the gear you need to roll out a cart and take it apart. Disassembly operations are accomplished in the process sequence: prepare to elektrodomkraty podemke car body, disconnect the brake rod linkage, shunts and ground wires from the sensors Books, pull pin, podklinit wheel sets from the other end of the car, disconnect the drive shaft from the gearbox (if available) , remove the nuts shpintonov, body lift and roll the cart. Then rolled out to dismantle and remove the trolley brake traction to traverse the outer brake shoes and pads, outdoor protective guard, and podklinivayut serviceable wheelset. Bogie frame crane on one side and roll out the defective wheel set, replacing it intact, after rolling out the wheelset bogie frame mounted on the nightstand. When separating carts replace defective parts nadbuksovogo spring suspension, as well as details of brake linkage. Assembly operations are carried out in reverse order.