Wheel sets

Wheelset is one of the critical parts of the car. She directs traffic on rails and takes all the loads transmitted from the car to the track and back.

Traffic safety is largely dependent on the quality inspection of wheel sets, and their condition affects the ride, so to use their state set closely monitored.

Wheelset consists of two axles and pressed to her rolled wheels. Axis different form of the cervix - the roller bearings or slip and cross-sectional shape - solid or hollow. Wheel sets with roller bearings are used following types of RU-950, RU1SH RU1-950-950 and RU-І050 where RU stands for Universal roller, 1 - describes the design axis, W - mount bearing plate and the numbers 950 and 1050 correspond to the diameter of the wheel in mm. For cars with plain bearings are used wheelsets type III-950, which rolled under the wagons, axle types PV, RU1 and RU1SH equipped with roller bearings, and wheels with a diameter of 950 mm set by freight wagons, and wheels with a diameter of 950 and 1050 mm - for passenger cars. Wheel sets with roller bearings are produced only two types - PUl RU1SH-950 and-950.

The outer surface of the wheel in contact with the rail, said tread. The shape of this surface has a profile and dimensions. Crest wheel directs traffic wheelset on the rail track and prevents the gathering wheelset derailed. Slopes provide overlapping longitudinal axis with the axis of rolling road when driving on straight and facilitates the passage of curves and switches, also create conditions more uniform in width wheel wear (rolling) tread.

The axis is a steel round bar. In the wagon along its axis are several parts with different diameters and designation.

In axes for neck bearings are bearing surfaces for bearings. They are executed strictly cylindrical shape with a smooth planed, sanded and knurled surface. Burt limits the movement of the bearing along the axis of the neck of the outer side. Front fillet is a transition to a neck collar to the axis, and the part podstupichnye napressovyvayutsya wheel. Predpodstupichnye parts are intermediate between the neck and podstupichnoy part. Back fillet need to move from the necks of predpodstupichnym parts. Failure to comply with the smoothness of the transition, there are scratches or scratches on the rear fillet in those places most likely break the neck. Predpostupichnye fillet creates a transition from the axis to the parts predpodstupichnyx podstupichnym. The middle part of the axis is located between podstupichnymi parts.

Axle for axle boxes with roller bearings differ from the axes with plain bearings form necks that do not have clamps, and some size. End portion of the neck axis is threaded navorachivaniya special machined nuts holding the roller bearing from sliding. To prevent loosening the nuts on the end of the axis, there is a groove in which the reinforced retaining strap, included his shank in one of the eleven cuts nuts. In a longitudinal groove on its axis at the same distance from the center of the two holes drilled threaded for fixing the lock plate bolts.

In the axis of roller wheel set type RU1SH-950 mount bearings on the longitudinal displacement is hockey, which is attached to the end of the three axis of the neck bolts. At the end of the neck in this connection at the same distance from the center at an angle of 120 degrees drilled three holes with thread.

By elements of wheelsets (axles and wheels) are causing stigma and signs indicating the date and place of manufacture of these elements, as well as the formation and certification of wheelset.

At one end of the wheel pair marked and stamp on the production and the formation of an axis. This end is right. If the wheelset is subjected to shear testing of the wheels, it is also applied to the stigma: the right end of the axis of the test mark on the shift (two consecutively assigned the letter "F"), code number of the plant or wheel workshops, hands-on date shift, acceptance stamp of the Ministry of Transport.

At the end of the second wheel pair, called the left, causing signs and hallmarks full examination.