Equipment to repair wagons

Characteristics of the machine for repairing wagons.

Preparation of cars to transport one of the most labor-intensive work, and therefore should facilitate use different car repair machine, depending on the type of cars produced.

In preparing the gondolas to transport the most widely adopted machine "Donbass-l» and «Donbass · 2." The most appropriate use of both types of machines in the complex.

With the aid of a machine "Donbass-1" can produce such works as editing manhole covers, top trim body (vertical and propeller bends), end doors, columns and diagonals with vpravkoy welding, heating and pressing of deformed during welding parts, removal old welds air-arc cutting, elimination of broadening and narrowing of the upper body harness.

Machine "Donbass-2" is used when the need to change the body shell, face the door, hatch covers, pulling faces, bearings, axle boxes inserts, springs and elliptic springs trucks, as well as removal from the housing unfit axial oil and fill them with fresh oil.

The basis of both vehicles is carrying portal consisting of the left and right panels, connected together at the top of the three cross-members, forming a U-shaped frame. On a frame containing all devices and mechanisms. Odnovrsmenno he is focusing, receptive reaction mechanisms operating in the repair of cars.

Each machine has four wheels, two of which are leading and two - led by running on rails, laid on polushpalah. Track width of 4530 mm machine. The presence of two speeds: Transportation - 32 m / min and working - 9 m / min - make machines maneuverable. They feed electricity from the three-phase AC voltage of 380 V.

All military operation to edit elements gondolas Machine "Donbass-1" performed by hydraulic cylinders controlled by the system through a keypad spool valves with electromagnets.

Welding machine is equipped with two welding units, kerosene type BG-55 with a cutting torch and a wardrobe where you installed oxygen cylinder. Machine "Donbass-2" is equipped with a monorail, which is mounted hoist capacity of 2 tons, used for removal of faulty socket doors and pulling faces and bodies serviceable performances. For storing removed doors and stock serviceable by car, there are two grounds. In addition, the allocated space for the containers that are manhole covers. With the help of a mechanical device installed on these covers to replace faulty car.

Transported by car also reserve corps pulling faces, which are placed in the area of ​​the outer pillars driven wheels. For retention liners pulling faces fixed in the sockets rollers. Compressed air required for operation of pneumatic tools, develops on the machine compressor.

However, both the car and "Donbass-l», and «Donbass-2" are not designed to work on changing the wheel sets, axle boxes, bolsters etc. It was therefore necessary to have special maintenance positions, equipped with stationary elektrodomkratami and beam cranes and gantry cranes for this work.

Closed for repair and refrigerator cars on items to prepare them for transport PKB CV machine designed for on and off the doors, roof repair, furnace razdelok, wall pockets, overhead tanks, etc.


Lifting equipment.

The most common surgery to repair cars podemka is needed to replace various parts. When repairing cars at the designated service using mobile, portable and fixed jacks.

Mehanizirovannyx on how current ottsepochnogo repairs on items training coaches to transport usually used stationary elektrodomkraty. On a bed with vertical channel bars on the shelves move the carriage rollers. The carriage is a sliding beam, adjust the amount of departure which is carried out using the wheel. Despite the fact that the body have different widths, so convenient jack up any car. Along the car jack is moved on rollers. Cargo screw via a gear driven by a motor rotating it in one direction or another raises or lowers resting on the traverse cargo carriage nuts with a sliding bar. The jack is equipped with automatic lifting and lowering limiters cars.

With a maximum load capacity of 30 t jack two jacks can lift one end of the car, the total weight is 120 tons without bogies

Roll-elektrodomkrat consists of upper and lower support sliding body parts connected by bolts, motor, gearbox, reversing switch and a two-wheeled cart. Jack has two end stops, one of which is used to automatically turn off the motor at maximum lift and lowering the sliding tube, and the other is designed to automatically lock the handle switch in the off position at the highest position a sliding tube.

Hydraulic jack-side table to replace the springs and bearings consists of two main parts: the lower (in fact jack) and upper (removable inserts). Working body of the jack is a plunger, sealed sleeve which is placed in the cylinder, fastened under the jack. Move the plunger up in pressure fluid being pumped odnoplunzhernym pump from the tank through the suction and discharge valves to the bottom of the cylinder.

At the opening of the bypass valve plunger by gravity or by pressing a hand goes down. The insert has a threaded shank adjustment and its entry of the working piston. Safety nut prevents unintentional lowering of the plunger should be screwed all the way into the end of the cylinder during podemki. Jack no insert is used when replacing the bearing axle boxes, and with the insertion of replacement parts spring group.

The most frequently used operations in the repair of cars is to replace the bearings. Specifically for this purpose-built hydraulic jack stand.

All hydraulic and hydro-pneumatic jacks as the working fluid is usually used - seasonal axial oil. In winter, use axial oil grade C, which ensures the normal operation of the jack at an ambient temperature of-40C. If the temperature drops below-40C, then the working fluid is recommended to make a mixture of the following components: technical glycerin 17%, denatured or wood alcohol 17%, water 66%.


Axial oil supply means to thwagons.

Many VET on the road network are equipped with a variety of devices and oil lines feeding the axial oil on Park Road. Conduits are usually laid at a depth of 1 m, have an extensive network, and should be a mandatory roll over. Maslorazdatochnye speakers installed through one mezhdupute up to 100 m By design, they must be capable of continuous metering axial oil.

From existing systems to deliver oil to the axial park path most widely pneumatic, but in recent years preferred electrical system with electric heating oil collapsible columns. Gear pump, which is driven by an electric motor, pumps oil in Diluting oil line. Electroavtomat switches the pump, so the pressure in the oil line is maintained to the extent necessary. This system has proved its reliability in operation, compact control unit, pump and motor, and provides adjustment pressure oil line. It is not required, in contrast to pneumatic compressed air, which is especially important for the PTO, where there is no compressor, full automation of the axial flow of oil on park path eliminates the need for special service personnel.

At low ambient temperatures in upper parts need to fill warmed axial oil. To do this, on park paths of the columns equipped heaters: steam or electric.

Electric heaters rational steam, they structurally simpler and more efficient. Electric heater is designed so that oil supplied by pipeline under pressure, enters the closed vessel volume of 10 liters, which is both the secondary winding of the transformer, where the oil is heated induktiruemymi currents up to temperature in just 5-7 minutes.

The heating system of the axial oil is reliable in operation and the reason for its failure is a violation of the electrical circuit.