Execution of documents

The Commission draws the two documents.

1. The technical condition act. It identifies the main technical data of the fire vehicle identification number, chassis number, engine number, date of issue of the machine, the technical condition of units and aggregates, equipping of fire safety of the car. Reception results reported to the leadership of the militarized protection of the railway.

2. Form firefighting vehicle. In the relevant sections of the form are reflected design and operating characteristics of the fire vehicle, his technical status. When receiving a fire vehicle representative of the detachment of militarized protection of points in the application form General information, gives the characteristic of special equipment, the duration of operation of the engine in hours and the mileage of the car in kilometers. In section accounting tires specifies a number of casings, their size, date of issue and the value of the mileage from the beginning of operation. Recorded also the number of fire-technical arms, tools, and armor fire vehicle.

The form is a Supplement to the technical passports, issue of the traffic police.

Form is the basic document, which includes the technical condition and the main indicators on the use of fire vehicle during the entire period of his service.

The roll-out of firefighting vehicles. In the period of the break-in fire vehicle is lapping of working surfaces of parts. This ensures the longevity of all mechanisms. The roll-out should be in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer. Practice set the duration of the break-in, equal to 1,000 km firefighting vehicle, and duration of the fire pump at the supply of water from open water sources within 10 hours.

When the break-in modes of operation mechanisms are limited.

So, the speed of movement should not exceed 60 km / h, water supply pump should be carried out on two of the barrel of A type with a nozzle diameter of 19 mm, the suction height should not exceed 1.5 m, the fire-fighting pump must only be run on the average frequencies of rotation of a cranked shaft of the engine at a head of not more than 50 m. To prevent overloading mechanisms must not be permitted to run in heavy road conditions (ice, sand, steep descents and ascents, dirt). Running makes a senior driver under the direction of the division head or his Deputy, appointed head of the guard of honour.

Before running the driver to study design features of a fire vehicle and installed equipment on it, check fastening of all mechanisms and units, the presence of lubricant in the mechanisms, the regularity of the steering and brakes.

When the break-in fire vehicle control: the mechanisms of systems on the readings of the instruments; heat transmission case, power take-off, the wheels; the regularity of the brake and power steering. In case of detection of defects during the running in of the factory-manufacturer of the present act, the complaint. The results of the test are recorded in the census form, a fire engine is served in the volume of THE-1 with replacement of lubrication in the mechanisms. Pump experience on the simplified method.

Setting fire vehicle on combat duty is carried out on the basis of the order of the chief of the detachment. In the order indicated, for whom the fixed fire truck. The driver shall sign the order on the admission of fire vehicle. He is responsible for his combat readiness and serviceability. Date and number of the order about the introduction of the vehicle in operation are recorded in the census form. On receiving fire vehicle, the driver put his signature in the application form.

Transfer of fire vehicle from one Department to another is carried out on the basis of the order of the chief of service of a paramilitary security in accordance with the staff schedule. When the transfer of firefighting vehicle you should check all the documentation, equipping of the machine and the regularity of the mechanisms. You started the engine, and the car is checked in the way. Transfer is being made the chief of the unit, its Deputy and the driver. Squad that made the fire engine, the order is issued on his performance in combat calculation and made the recording in the form.


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