Fire hoses

For this purpose fire hoses are divided into the suction and pressure.


Suction hoses

As a suction rubber hoses are used оборудованыt metal spiral, they end with soft cuff for accession to him connection heads.

On the cuff shall be stamped with the mark of the manufacturer with the main technical characteristics of the sleeves.

Suction hoses are divided into two groups: suction and delivery-suction.

The sleeves of the two groups of type "b" (for water) are used for water supply at the temperature of - 35 ... + 50C. Cold-resistant sleeves еказываются on the cuff of an additional letter "M", they can be used at temperatures up to - 45C. In fire protection are used suction and delivery-suction hoses length of 2 m and 4 m in diameter 25, 32, 50, 65, 75, 100, 125, 150 and 200 mm.

Suction hoses are used for work with liquids from open source.

Delivery-suction hoses are used for work with liquids from the open source and under the pressure of a fire hydrant.


Pressure hoses

Serve to feed the water from the pump fire vehicle to the place of use (fire, the fire, etc.).

Pressure sleeves there are the following types: not rubberized (linen), Rubber, latex, of plastics. Pressure sleeves are used in length, as a rule, 20 m (a plant in the circle can deliver the sleeve length of 20 + 1m) and with internal diameter 26, 51, 66, 77, 89, 110 and 150 mm.

Not rubberized (linen) sleeves are made of linen or обчисной yarn, represent a fabric pouch, longitudinal thread which is the basis, and the transversal woof.

Not rubberized (linen) sleeves are divided into three groups of strength:

- lightweight - are made without the color prosnovki in one yarn, обчисные - have one prosnovku black;

- normal - have one color prosnovku;

- reinforced - have two non-ferrous prosnovki.

Hoses made of flax, when they begin to give water, wet and first pass water, but then the fabric sleeves swells, the fibers are sealed and do not hold water.

The sleeves are characterized by high temperature resistance, but they are subject to rotting, have low mechanical strength. Are produced in diameter 26, 51, 66 and 77 mm.

Rubber sleeves, the cover of which on the basis of linen or cotton fibers, and on a duck of yarns of bast or synthetic fibres, are divided into three groups of strength:

- high strength - have three colored prosnovki;

- reinforced - have two color prosnovki;

- normal - have one color prosnovku.

These sleeves are lower hydraulic resistance, the linen, the great strength. Produced with the diameter of 51, 66, 77, 89, 150 mm.

Rubber sleeves with cover made of heat resistant synthetic fabrics and rubber layer, привулканизированного to download, do not share on the strength of the group. They are produced in two climatic versions, working at temperature up to - 40C and to - 50C. Produced with the diameter of 51, 66, 77,89, 110, 150 mm.

Latex sleeves are made of synthetic fibres (kapron or lavsan)impregnated with a solution of latex. They can be operated in various climatic conditions at temperature up to - 40C. Having the same strength as rubber, latex sleeve more elastic, does not require drying and easier rubber in 1.7 times. Produced with the diameter of 51, 66, 77 mm.

Plastic sleeves are made by the application in the case of synthetic fibres of a polymeric covering.

The sleeves are characterized by high durability and does not require drying. Are produced in diameter 26, 51 and 66 mm.

The sleeves of this type of 26 mm in diameter produced with regulated (fixed) number of water leaks (percolation) through the walls to increase the thermal stability sleeves.


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