Integration of the work of fire vehicle

Primary document integrate the work of the fire vehicle is operational card. The driver and the chief guard of the daily record of the duration of operation of the engine, the distance covered by the vehicle's path and fuel consumption. In the end of the month recaps. Signed by head of Department and senior driver of the card is transmitted to the accounting Department of the squad.

In the consolidated record of work of the car of a senior instructor of motor vehicles and ГДЗС makes a record of the work of the engine, run on the speedometer and the mileage fire vehicle. When operating the fire vehicle in the form of the record of all kinds of repairs and held THAT:

- carrying out of THE signs responsible for the work in the fire Department.

- execution of all types of repair and accounting sign of a person, which they were conducted;

- integration of the work of accumulator batteries;

- accounting of tires;

- registration of road accidents.

Organization of the control over the technical condition and operation of fire vehicle. The control of a technical condition and organization of operation of fire safety of the car is carried out with a view to ensuring high combat readiness of units, reliable operation and durability of the fire vehicle and fire-technical arms, minimum costs for operation and economy of fuel and lubricants.

Control should be systematic. So he is in operation, maintenance, inspection of the technical condition and inspection.

The chief guard checks the fire trucks with the assumption of duty. Head of the unit carries out a check at least once a month and the results of the records in the accounting log maintenance. Representatives of the squad checked fire equipment not less than once in six months. According to the results of audit assesses technical condition of the fire fighting equipment and justified measures on the improvement of its operation.

With the increase of service life of fire vehicle worsening of his condition. This requires the recovery of the car and fire-technical arms. In case of impossibility of further use of the vehicle is served on the technical and economic substantiation of its withdrawal from service. A fault in the mechanisms that reveal the operation of fire vehicle, as well as breakage of parts most often occur as a consequence of defects of a design or manufacturing defects, violation of the rules of operation, after production of motor-resource of. The problems found and the deterioration of the technical condition of mechanisms require careful analysis and documentation. On the basis of the investigation is defined by the need for drawing up of the claim, the decision making about the repair of a fire vehicle or its writing off.


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