The interim audit journal boxes with roller bearings

In the operation of cars equipped with roller bearing axle boxes, there is a need for the interim audit of boxwood.

This is done in the case when the heating was detected boxwood or signaling devices PONAB boxwood heating passenger cars in the way of the train, as well as fault detection axle unit for servicing cars. Additionally, for passenger cars interim audit conducted six months after the scheduled maintenance or a previous revision and summer and winter maintenance.

The interim audit is carried out as a preventive measure, and on the instructions of Glaucus. It is carried out highly skilled machinists with rank not lower than the fourth and the corresponding certificate in the presence of a viewer and repairman, foreman or master with the right to a full examination of wheelsets with axle boxes on ball bearings. The interim audit axle unit with roller bearings can be made at the car in the train or after uncoupling. However, the wheel sets of coaches with gearboxes from the front of the neck or the middle part of the axis at the interim audit roll out from under the car.

For the mid-term revision of need: metal containers for the collection of spent grease, clean boxen grease collection handtools in a bag or metal Rulers, metal wire diameter of 1.5 - 2 mm, a set of pig-colored metal spatulas to remove the old grease and boxen magnifying glass with a sevenfold increase.

Before the beginning of the interim audit in bulging wheel pair axle box with roller bearings have by hand. If rotation is felt tremors or unusual noise is heard, this bushing be complete disassembly, while the wheelset check tread. In the presence of shells, slide, potholes, spalls, Nakata genital ridges such wheelsets to be turning of WHEEL looms in depots or vagonokolesnyh workshops. When the interim audit from the housing upper parts removed observation or fixing cover and clear of dirt and wipe the place fit the cover to the housing upper part. We gear wheel set gear and remove the intermediate part. Place fit the cover or intermediate portion of the housing upper parts wiped clean wipes again.

Removed parts and components are placed in a closed metal container. Before that, from the front of the axle-box lubrication spatulas shift in removing the cover. When the work to remove grease and all subsequent manufacturing operations comply with the conditions with no access to the upper parts or on the inside of the removed parts and components of various contaminants and metal particles.

When viewed from the inside of the axle unit, first of all, determine the technical condition of lubrication. Upon detection of metallic impurities in the grease, mechanical and other impurities identified by touch 6uksa subject to a full audit of the depot. Change the color of grease in the absence of different inclusions and impurities is not for rejection.

Further technical state control front bearing, which is considered to be OK, if not detected fracture indoor or outdoor ring or cage. If at least one of the symptoms or the axle boxes are traces of the presence of the oil from the gear-propeller drive, a full upper part should be subjected to audit.

With good condition roller bearing checking firmly positioned on the neck bearings wheel pair tapping bolts lock nut, thrust washer. Under slack bolts set new spring washers and bolts tightly wrapped. Wire bolt lock plate is replaced, if the former is defective or when replacing spring washers for bolts of its fastening. Density mounting nuts machined test bench easy blows of a hammer on a mandrel of nonferrous metal, rests in the slot in one of the facets of the crown. Direct blows to both sides nut rotation. In the case of weakening machined bearing nut to remove the locking bush landing strip and fix the nut, if it is not related to the weakening of bearing damage and density setting clamping sleeves. After fixing nut locking plate and wire its mounting bolts are installed again. If the Allen nut loosened a bearing on a hot landing wheelset be rolling out from under the car.

The interim audit serviceable parts with roller bearings and sites of attachment ends tab the amount of grease in the form of a roller nut on the end of the separator and the visible front bearing (with fill only one-third of the front of the space boxes). The total number of suitable old and fresh grease should not exceed 1.4 - 1.6 kg for parts with an internal diameter of 280 mm and 1.0 - 1.2 kg - for parts with a diameter of 250 mm bearing.

Light layer of grease LZ-CRI smeared seating surface covers and housing boxes, bolts M20 and MІ2 and threaded holes for them. Inspection cover after cleaning the internal surface and install the rubber gasket thickness of 3 mm is attached to the lid fixing screws Four-bedded, under which set the spring washers. If the inspection cover design axle box is not available, fixing cover after cleaning the internal surface and the installation of a circular rubber ring Rubber 4 mm diameter is bolted to the housing upper part. Bolt set spring washers, and for two or one bolt (depending on how by design) set tag, if it was to remove the cover upper part. Tighten all cover bolts evenly perform alternately and diagonally. O-rings and gaskets, with permanent deformation or other damage before making the caps replaced.

On carrying out the interim audit, including preventive, on the lookout or fixing axle box cover right neck axis (by the presence of stigma formation) on clean place applied stencil oil with white paint on the place and time of production of the audit: P-IV-81- 375.