Lubricants and tamping material. Audit of Books

Lubricants for parts with axial slide bearings are oil: A brand summer, winter grade W and north Mark S.

According to its characteristics axial oil must meet the requirements of GOST 610-72.

The temperature at which a pair of heated oil in the open cup light when brought near to them the fire, called the flash point. Pour point is determined by the axial oil cooling it in a test tube with a diameter 15-17 mm to the extent of thickening, which is tilted tubes at 45 ° upper surface of the oil remains stationary for 1 min.

Axial oil stored in special tanks, which are usually boilers tanks excluded from the inventory. At least twice a year (spring and fall) are cleaned and washed, and then they put a stencil, for example, "Buck 15.IX.2013 was cleared." Such works are usually timed to the release of cop tanks on the axial oil. In addition, each tank light oil paint mean axial strain stored oil (summer "L" winter "Z", the northern "C") and the date of loading. Not mix in a tank of oil grades.

Supplied to the PTO axle oil must have a passport, which shows the factory data analysis. In case of oil without such data, it should be done in the depot or travel lab. Data analysis should be kept until the party received oil consumption.

For parts with roller bearings used grease LZ-CRI, which is a homogeneous ointment from light yellow to dark yellow color with characteristics corresponding to the requirements of GOST 1971-79.

Before use, the lubrication is imperative to verify that the certificate data received lubrication requirements of GOST. In the absence of a certificate lubricant should be tested in a laboratory.

To supply oil to the neck of the axial axis parts with friction bearings used Polster or tamping rollers. Polster is more reliable in operation and are easy to install and remove from the housing than tamping materials. It consists of a metal frame and attached with twine brush made of a semi-woolen yarn yarn twist and weak strands of cotton fabric (50% both). Polster framework consists of an upper trough-shaped plate, two pivotally interconnected lower plates (large and small), two spring spacers made from steel wire diameter of 2-2.2 mm, and having the right one, and the second left wave, rail brackets and handle.

Tamping roller - it's a bag of cotton, which is placed inside a tamper ends, which are cotton waste spinning weaving. To make the best properties of the roller feed oil to the axial axis of the neck around the cuff is made from polsternoy pile yarn.

Tamping material before treatment in seasonal axial oil should be dried in an oven at a temperature of 60-70 degrees for at least 3 hours, free of dust and fines by shaking and dismantling of the stand or on a vibrating sorting table. Impregnation performed in tanks with settled oil heated to a temperature not higher: summer 65 degrees, 60 degrees winter and north of 55 degrees.

Each brand axial oil used at certain times of the year. Translation Books, with plain bearings with axial oil A summer to winter and vice versa W is during autumn and spring audit boxwood. Autumn audit on all roads is between September and October, the spring - April-May. But in some ways, where winter temperatures are very low, from December 1 to March 1, apply axial northern oil C.

Fall and spring refill audit and boxwood for seasonal axial oil depots to do with the current ottsepochnom repair of cars (TS-2), on the points of maintenance and preparation of cars for transport (TR-1). To perform these operations on the roads create special teams of the Audit Books, consisting mainly viewer cars and mechanics repair vehicles. These teams work under the supervision of the master or chief vet.

The audit in each car with plain bearings are removed from the housing tamper materials and axial oil, which send to the regeneration-penetrating branch. Bushes in completely cleaned of dirt, water, residual oil, season with fresh and clean tamping materials (Polster or roller) and the corresponding seasonal axial oil. Simultaneously with the above works troubleshoot rolls of box lids, caps themselves, etc. If necessary, the audit boxwood replace defective bearings and bushings.

After the audit and refill all bux on longitudinal channel bar frame on both sides of the car cause oil whitewash pattern modeled: L-400-1, where A - denotes summer axial oil, 400 - Number depot, and one - the last digit of the year of the audit.

In the autumn of Audit and boxwood for winter transfer axial oil pattern will be marked with the letter Z. All previous stencils on the audit journal boxes painted.

When translating parts with axial oil NW winter on the north from the north to the upper part add oil without refilling it and without setting any trafarstov.