Maintenance Books, with roller bearings

Each fault roller axle boxes as axle box with sliding bearings, is accompanied by the presence of certain external signs on the chassis of the car.

With the destruction of the thrust collar or cage rear bearing axle box wag observed and moving it along the neck of wheel pair, heard a sharp knock on the linkage, the rims on the floor of the car and on the details of the linkage of box trucks traces of grease.

About completely destroyed separator and roll clips from his nests indicate vibration carts and jumping boxes, accompanied by characteristic heard, which can be heard at the speed of the train 5 - 8 km / h The destruction of the separator and also indicates the presence of lubrication provided through the labyrinth seal and junction fixing cover with axle boxes or viewing with fixing, bronze powder, which is visible when grinding grease the palm.

If wheelset with brake pads are squeezed skid, it is a sign of the destruction of the bearing rollers and jammed state.

By tapping the bottom of the viewing or fixing covers can detect mechanical attachment disorder upper part. Hearing in this case, a rattling sound, or double strikes indicate a fracture or breakage of the locking plate fixing bolts. The shift to the outside of the upper parts (which can be determined by an increase of more than 1.5 mm gap between the housing and the axle box labyrinth ring) points to minimize the axial axis of the nut to break sludge boltov fixing washer. If the axle nut is turned all the way to the inspection cover on the lid visible cracks, scrapes, holes, traces of discoloration in the form of a ring, and when the train is heard screeching from the friction of the nut on the cover.

Any failure of the roller axle box often leads to its Grenier. Therefore, during the inspection of roller boxwood imperative that the temperature control of heating the body feeling axlebox hand. Heating is considered normal if the temperature of the case of boxwood in the same car and the same does not exceed 70 degrees. This temperature can easily withstand a hand pressed against upper part.

Grenier cause may also be insufficient lubrication in the journal boxes or excess. In the first case, the meeting heard the train immediately peculiar rustling caused perekatkoy dry spots on a treadmill outside and inside of the bearing rings and the second there is a leakage of grease labyrinth seal.

When peeling paint on the body of boxes, of the color of the lid and body viewing boxes, the absence in the winter on a car axle box frost, snow or ice, the presence of non-uniform rental, slide, Navara and other defects on the running surface of the wheels, causing increased dynamic loads , inspection boxwood with roller bearings should be performed with caution. If there is a hot axle box roller or with defects, which at long distance can lead to Grenier, car must be uncoupled and served in repair interchangeable wheelset. The exception is due to excessive axle box Grenier amount of grease in it. This case is not dangerous, and after driving the car 500-600 miles Grenier usually stops.

If the visual inspection Roller Bushings its serviceability is in doubt, the technical condition of the upper parts of such an inspection should verify with the opening of the inspection cover.

Reliability of fastening bolts of covers tested tapping with a hammer. Locksmiths fix weakened bolts and replace lose the spring washer. Besides fixing bolts, hammer blows of controlling the lower part of the lid define the state of the mechanical mounting of bearings.

If you find parts with high heating reveal fixing or inspection cover for control of parts axle unit. But if corruption is detected or mechanical fastening front bearing, the presence of metallic impurities, indicating the destruction of axle unit, as well as in the case when tripped sensor boxes, wheelset roll out and replaced with another. Bulging wheel set is transported to the depot for disassembly and manufacturing axle boxes full audit to identify the causes of heating. To cool boxwood prohibited to use snow and water.