Operation of fire hoses

Fire departments do not use the sleeves, which are in combat calculation, for economic purposes.

Operation of suction hoses

Suction hose line is laid without a sharp inflection, and must be air-tight joints are tightened keys, rope suction line is tied for the design for her safety net. In extinguishing the fire is not allowed contact with the suction line items that are burning, petroleum products, acids, etc. It is prohibited water intake without suction strainer. Suction grid is immersed to a depth of not less than 30 cm, and the free end of the rope, attached to the arm of a non-return valve grid, is fixed by the sleeve or some kind of design. Not to be used for lifting the sleeves of the rope, which is necessary for opening the reverse lever suction grid. After use in the event of fire, or the teachings of suction hoses must be clean, wash and examine with a view to identifying the damage density навязки and condition of the hose connections, the presence in them of the o-rings, and then dried.

If any damage sleeves should be repaired.

Sleeves, which are removed for drying of a car parked in the battle calculation, should be replaced by a reserve.

Do not install the cars damaged or contaminated with sleeves.

Operation pressure hoses

When laying the fabric of lines, be sure that the line had no kinks, wrinkles, is not relieved by sharp objects, hot and filled with oil products surfaces.

If sleeve line crosses the line, it will pave under the rails way. The exception is the path of trams in the cities and streets with heavy traffic. In this case, the fire comes into contact with the workers of the Ministry of internal Affairs, to stop the movement of transport or forward it to another route.

To hold the vertical hose lines (raised on a rope or ladder) from falling, and to discharge them from the weight of the water, enjoy the bag delays, with the help of which the sleeves hung to acting parts of structures of buildings and constructions.

Fasten the delay should be at the top of the sleeves under a binding head.

It is prohibited to sharply raise pressure of water in the hose lines, and also discharge sleeves with height, put constructions and etc.

Personnel at the fire and exercises at the fistula or gaps produces temporary repairs with the help of:

- universal tape and metal clips (liquidate the place of leakage of water from the holes of not more than 2 cm or breakthroughs length of not more than 3 cm).

- corsetry clips (liquidate the place of leakage of water from the holes and longitudinal breakthroughs up to 10 cm).

Features of operation of fire hoses in the winter period:

- take water away from the lowest depth, temperature which is higher than on the surface.

- water supply should be carried out at the same trunk line, joined by as many as possible of working sleeves;

- for installation of a hose lines is not recommended to use the linen sleeves; for thermal insulation of sleep bag line of snow, sawdust; branching should be installed in the porches of the houses or insulate;

- build up, replace and remove bag line must be at a constant supply of water, reducing the pressure on the pump;

"the sleeves, which were frozen, or frozen in the ice, the warm steam, hot air, hot water or exhaust gases of the machine.

The exhaust pipes of fire vehicles with the purpose to establish the connection head.


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