Service of devices on compressed air

Purpose and types of inspections

For reliable and safe operation of insulating air tank vehicles, their content is in good condition and constantly ready for use, in accordance with the "Guidance for газодымозащитной service", establishes the following types of inspections:

- Operational testing;

- Inspection № 1;

- Checking № 2;

- Checking № 3.


Operational validation is performed by the user before each use of the machine. The use of the isolation unit without the rapid test is strictly prohibited.

As a rule, quick check is done about the post of security, in front of the entrance level ГДЗС in unsuitable for breathing environment. Operational testing is performed only at the command of the commander, in a strict sequence and should not take more than 1 minute.

At the end of operational testing, gazodymozaschitnik reports in the form of readiness for operation or malfunction of the unit.

Checking the number 1 is performed by the user before he went on duty, under the control of the head of the guard of honour or of the person, its replacing. In addition, the test № 1 is about fire trains or fire vehicle. When checking gazodymozaschitnik connects pulmonary automatic machine with his mask. When using a panoramic mask adjusts skull belt according to his face.

At the end of the scan № 1, gazodymozaschitnik shall report the result of the check to the chief of the guard, and personally makes an entry in the register of audit № 1.

If the review № 1 detected malfunction that cannot be eliminated gazodymozaschitnik, which checks to ensure that the machine be repaired, and газодымозащитнику is issued by the reserve unit.

Check № 2 is performed after work in the office, after checking № 3, repairs, cleaning, disinfection apparatus, reloading the air cylinders, but not less than once a month.

At the end of the scan № 2, the master database reports the results of the test to the chief of the guard, and personally makes an entry in the register of audit № 2.

If the review № 2 detected malfunction that cannot be eliminated, the machine is transmitted to the base ГДЗС for repairs, and gazodymozaschitnik is issued by the reserve unit.

Checking the number 3 is performed once a year in accordance with the schedule and includes the inspection of the unit. Also, it is performed after the disinfection of all units and details of the machine, after working in bacteriologically dangerous or aggressive chemical environment. The results of the review № 3 are registered:

- in the journal of admission to repair and issue of repair of vehicles;

- in the record card to the machine;

- in the annual schedule of audits;

- in the passport of the machine.


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