To test the mechanism of automatic coupling device

On items of maintenance and training coaches to transport reliable operation of the fuse samorastsepa, wear and faulty circuit tripping zamkoderzhatelya crowbar and a special test pattern 873.


Change of faulty parts and components automatic coupling device

In all cases where the details of automatic coupling devices and components found unacceptable deterioration, cracks, damage, and the causes that can lead to samorastsepu pulling faces, such parts must be promptly replaced, and the reasons samorastsepov eliminated. Depending on the size and complexity of the work could be done after the cutaway car of the train, or in the composition.

Typically, car replacement parts detach automatic coupling device. Parts replacement mechanism coupler, coupler itself, centering devices and rastsepnogo drive is in a train.


Automatic coupling device malfunction

In the operation of the nodes automatic coupling devices of cars having different wear and damage to individual parts. All defects must be identified and corrected in a timely manner, so as to route any of them could be the cause samorastsepa pulling faces, broken trains, falling parts on the track.


The device buffers and transition areas

Passengers, baggage, mail, postal and baggage cars and dining cars are heavy and lightweight buffer types and transitional areas of the following types: elastic metal frames with canvas souffle, shock absorbers and buffers, heavy or lightweight, un-buffered elastic metal frames with canvas souffle with shock absorbers; un-buffered with elastic rubber souffle, with buffers and heavy-duty rubber souffle.


Autocoupling device

Trailer percussion instruments, which include automatic coupler device, designed for traction rolling stocks and keeping them at a distance from each other, sharing and mitigating actions longitudinal - tensile and compressive forces developing in the train and maneuvering.

Automatic coupler installed on the car (locomotive), automatically mutually engages when pressed or struck and disengaged manually using a lever.


Wear and damage to the frames and their solutions

Most common faults frame freight car is the formation in them of various cracks and tears.

The cracks are usually found in the joints of the wall outlet and the end of the shock beams at center sill in the location of front and rear stops automatic coupling devices and between them, the welds connecting the pivot and the center sill. Cracks in the intermediate cross members are rare and mostly in cars.


Wagons frame

Rama is one of the parts of the car body and serves as a basis. On the frame is strengthened automatic coupler device and braking equipment of the car. She herself through pyatniki based on the running gear and treats all types of loads acting on the body. Therefore, the frame shall be of sufficient strength and rigidity to be simple in design, reliable in operation, have a small mass and are available for inspection. In Wagon cars through their pyatniki frame, reinforced by transverse reinforced beams based on glide carts. Connection frame with travel gear ensure pins.


The interim audit journal boxes with roller bearings

In the operation of cars equipped with roller bearing axle boxes, there is a need for the interim audit of boxwood.

This is done in the case when the heating was detected boxwood or signaling devices PONAB boxwood heating passenger cars in the way of the train, as well as fault detection axle unit for servicing cars. Additionally, for passenger cars interim audit conducted six months after the scheduled maintenance or a previous revision and summer and winter maintenance.


Maintenance Books, with roller bearings

Each fault roller axle boxes as axle box with sliding bearings, is accompanied by the presence of certain external signs on the chassis of the car.

With the destruction of the thrust collar or cage rear bearing axle box wag observed and moving it along the neck of wheel pair, heard a sharp knock on the linkage, the rims on the floor of the car and on the details of the linkage of box trucks traces of grease.


Maintenance parts with plain bearings

Boxen knot sliding bearings in operation the most susceptible to failure in comparison with other parts of cars. More than 60% of all marriages in the rolling stock related to boxwood Grenier sliding bearings. Therefore, this unit requires constant attention from the employees point of maintenance of cars, forcing them to constantly improve methods for identifying and troubleshooting axle unit.